Friday, January 23, 2009

Snot and Crayola

So I thought I would try out this whole blog thing. I mean after all, Dar and Derfina do it, why not me. All I have done for the past 2 days in this insane household is wipe snotty noses and admire the beautiful masterpiece my 5 year old created in my suburban. When I mean snotty noses I mean snotty noses. When you have 3 kids (1,3,5) and they all have the same cruddy little creature inhabiting their nasal passages it seems like there could never be an ample supply of kleenex. "Snort, Cough, Sneeze" Not to mention the constant changing of clothing because the boys have decided eho needs kleenex, we'll just wipe it on our shirt sleeve or each other. Now to the beautiful masterpiece my eldest son did for me. I guess he wanted it to be a surprise you see, as he never told me about it. We were getting in the car to head to Wally World in Destin when I had the ever so clever idea that we should get all of the trash out of the car as well as many of our personal belongings. You see when you have 3 little ones and are on the go all the time things tend to have a permanent fixture in your vehicle. Like shoes, hats, jackets, toys, baby wipes, left over chicken nuggets from last month, artwork from preschool, etc. So we are doing a great job getting everything out and puttting it into 2 bags, one for trash and one for belongings. So West, my eldest, says he has finished the back. Now we all know when it comes from a 5 year old, you better double check. So I mosey my big butt into the suburban, between the 2 captain's chairs and into the back. Now I know I am making it seem like it is a long hallway or something, but my God the maneuvering you have to do with the three of them and me. I am no little girl. As I approach the bench seat in the back I see several crayons in the seat, paper pulled off and broken into tiny pieces. I look over towards the side panel where West sits, and low and behold those same colors of the crayons that were in the seat cover my entire side panel, the seatbelt, and the back of the headrest. I think I was shaking. No I know I was. So was he I can assure you. As he meticulously scrubbed crayon with baby wipes all the way into Destin (I knew it wasn't going to get it off) my sweet little 3 year old Travis says with complete and utter innocence "Bubba, you so bad. I'm going to call the policeman and he is going to take you to Big Boy Jail." The story that led to Travis and his fascination with policemen is for another day. Have a great weekend ya'll!